Help For Hardship

Help For Hardship

Our Help For Hardship program can bridge the gap if you are suddenly faced with unemployment (no fault of your own), short term disability, workers compensation or FMLA.

Every day in our community, people face financial crisis’ that can topple the very foundation of their livelihood they have worked building for so many years.

When you need some assistance to stabilize your situation, that assistance can be very simple and small, yet very impactful. Whether you need mortgage/rent assistance, a car payment paid, a utility bill caught up to avoid shut off and even some basic groceries can make a huge difference in relieving the threat of financial collapse.

This is where Blessings In Disguise may be able to help..

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How Can We Help?

Qualification Guidelines

Blessings In Disguise recognizes that there are many people who have fallen on hard times and need assistance. Below we have listed the general requirements for the type of assistance that we provide.

  1. Do you reside in Northwest Ohio?
  2. Do you make more than $32,054 as an individual or as married make more than $55,000 combined?
  3. Are you or your spouse receiving unemployment compensation, workers compensation, or short term disability?
  4. Are you receiving any government assistance? If so, how long?

If you answered “YES” to the first 3 questions, you may be eligible for our program. If your answer to #4 is “yes”, we will need further clarification.

If you don’t meet our requirements there are still many resources in our area where you may be able to get help.

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