The H.E.L.P Program For Seniors

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The H.E.L.P. Program for Seniors

The H.E.L.P. Program for Seniors stands for Helping Elderly Live Productively.

Today, Seniors need community support. We want to be one of those nonprofit organizations to help when we can.

So, in conjunction with a few knowledgeable Occupational Therapists, we are starting a loaner program for adaptive products such as walkers, canes, shower stools, shower benches, portable toilets, reachers and grabbers, and grippers.

The program will assist those seniors who can’t afford certain adaptive products or who are waiting for approval from their insurance provider but may need it now.

How it Works

Your healthcare professional will request items via our H.E.L.P. online form. Once we receive your request, we will review your application, and make a very quick decision to approve (normally within 48 hours).

Once your request has been approved, you will fill out our “hold harmless agreement” and you will receive your requested item(s) if we have them available. Please note: these items are for your use and we request when you are finished with these items, you return them to Blessings In Disguise.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to Blessings In Disguise for use of the equipment, we would greatly appreciate it. Click HERE to donate.

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